“Red beats its way into your eyelids, the heat of the air fills the smallest crevices of your lungs. Kicked-up sand settles into the collar of your shirt. You are not home. 

You will never be home. There is no home for people like you. 

But this place holds a stance of familiarity, tastes like a memory you’ve digested and regurgitated before. Sickly sweet, the lick of saccharin against your tongue and the reminder of rust against your lip. 

You are so terribly, terribly lost.”  

Fated forever to roam an existence unknown to you, searching for this concept of absolution that escapes your every grasp, leaves you bleeding, leaves you gasping, you find yourself stuck in a town for the lost. Here, you will find what you’re looking for. Here, you will remember who you are. 

(Or will you?) 

There’s something to be said about the monsters you keep. 

Tell Me If There’s A Way Home is a western-gothic created with Twine that has a heavy focus on choice, love, and grief. Set in a place both strange and familiar to you, you seek to unravel the mystery of this town, figure out who you are, and what it is you’ve lost along the way. 

- A fully customizable MC including gender, appearance, and sexuality.

- Time loops, glitches in reality, and a rotting town that collects The Forgotten. 

- Key choices that will influence the game. Careful, Traveler, are you ready to find out just what kind of person you are? Who you’ve become, who you’ve lost?

- Unravel the mysteries and bones of this strange town you find yourself in. Old western curses, demons, and ancient gods will rattle the very foundation of this antiquated town.  

- Four love interests will reveal themselves to you in various forms, all ancient and familiar gods in this new and strange world. How will you hurt them, Traveler? 

- A story that is heavy on choice, love, grief, hope, and recovery. Is it better to get what you’ve lost back or move on? You will make this decision yourself. 

The Reverie - Elena/Ezio: A foreign figure that you know the taste of, the lick of blood from the underbelly of a wound. Intoxicating. The taste of grandeur and gilded agony. There is something so lovely about the color of hunger when it shapes your mouth into a thing of want. The Reverie is either a man or a woman depending on your sexuality, Traveler. You have broken their heart. You will always break their heart.

Death - Alice: The scent in the air before the crack of lightning, the choke of the slaughter after. Death is a woman who will show you that to love is to burn, Traveler. Her ribs are intertwined in yours, the lick of her tongue in your mouth. Tread carefully, but remember that Death always gets what she wants.

The Tower - Cain: There's the promise of danger in his arms. Chaos follows him like a black wind, violent and fast. But there's the redemption of liberation in the palms of his hands. The Tower is a man. Will you risk the fall, Traveler?

The Hierophant - Silas:  The keys to heaven are at their feet, Traveler. The kiss of promise and happiness is in your mouth, waiting for you to take the bite. What are you willing to do to taste salvation? The Hierophant is non-binary. Beautiful things often have the sharpest teeth, Traveler. Take care where you wander.


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this is... wow. even though it's short and I only got to know a little bit, but I can already tell that this is probably the best work I found here. I really hope you will continue it. I want more. 

.. The story and the characters... I'm really intrigued. It's amazing.

oh my god you have no idea how much this comment made my entire day genuinely. i had a rough night so waking up and being able to read this was a balm to the soul. I promise that I'm continuing this story, don't fret lol!! i'm currently in the process of writing the last installment of chapter 1. (spoiler: it'll be the largest update as of yet) I hope to see you on here more and I hope you like the eventual update!! 


Can I give it another 5stars? Just wow, you got the mystery and the creepiness down!

oh awwww thank you so much!!! i hope you've enjoyed it so far!!!!!! <33333


Ahhh I love this alreadyyy!! It's very rare that I find something with this kind of atmosphere (which I'm a huge fan of!), very excited for what's to come, keep up the good work :) <3


oh thank you so so so so much! this comment made my day <3


I can't seem to get past "you are so terribly terribly lost" is that the end of the demo? (i love this WIP btw)

howdy there! yes it is the end of the demo!!! i'm sorry that wasn't more clear but I will fix that in the next update (coming soon!!)

tysm!! this WIP is incredible :)))


holy moly. i love the atmosphere of this sooo much. i can already tell that this is going to be one of my faves, like this is exactly my vibe. the suspense? the confusion? the intensity? the chaos? 10/10. this and western vibes? 11/10. so far this works so well. can't wait to meet all the ros, too. keep up the good work and take care!


oh my god thank you so so unbelievably much this comment made my entire day. thank you <3


thank you for the hard work!!

thank YOU for reading and sticking around <3333


I can feel the potential! Cant wait

ahhhhh thank you so much <3333333


Wait... this is a WIP in dashingdon, right?

yes! for right now it's on dashingdon, but once I update this twine version entirely I'll be taking down the dashingdon version : ) 

At the time of writing this, only the prologue has been released. Yet it already tells you so much. It didn't even take me a second to get immersed in this. Like- what?? "Better to feel something than nothing at all." 

That one hit so hard. 



Give me more already!



ahhhh thank you so much !!!! <3 hahaha I'm desperately trying to get the rest of the work updated <3 thank you for taking the time to read !!